hello guys and welcome back and welcome from
sunny Florida. Im currently staying in Disney, and we are in Disney’s caribbean
beach resort. And it’s kind of a caribbean beach resort as the name
suggests and we are at the main reception so this is where you drive in
and the bus drops you off from the airport so let’s go in and check it out.
I’m going to be showing you how good it is for wheelchair users as well so come
on there’s no time to lose… Okay so it is completely flat and what
is really good is there are automatic doors.. you know all about the automatic
doors in my previous videos! So now we have come through to the main area
there’s a restroom, an accessible restroom, and as you can see its all completely flat. and look how beautiful this is as well. (Caribbean music) This is the reception/check in area There is a cool place here where kids can just hang out ad watch cartoons over here is where you can check in and ask any questions you may have. And then was really really nice is that over here there is an accessible check in desk. As you can see this is really high But….these ones here are the perfect height. (Caribbean music) To the right as you come in there is the
Calypso trading post which sell Disney merchandise and also some essentials as
well. Lets go and have a look More music 😉 all the essentials that you could need.
“that suit you, you know.” “thank you know a trip to Disney and no trip to disney would be complete without some mini
ears . In the gift shop you will find snacks galore What is also really handy to know that
they have essential pharmaceutical things as well if you watched my packing
and prepping for Florida you will know that I packed a lot of these things which I
may not even me and also we’ve got really bad sore
throats from the plain we’ve got those they’ve got all the hydrocortisone cream
that I packed which I might even need to use I’ve got Allergy relive that i might not have to use
“and actually we need those” and we do need band-aids so we will go get bad aifs. And out side the gift shop is where you can get yourself a snack from the grab and go section intersection the grab-and-go section is open from 6
p.m. to 12 a.m. well this is a personal favorite of mine
one of the pastries it’s really really lovely Limited Edition Alladdin cup cakes Daisy’s favorite cookies chocolate
brownies are to die for and we had these today well and they’re
really good like a cinnamon cookie any “and the token appendicitis’s, in amongst…” Yeah to make it look a little more healthy Adnt ere are some more snacks in here. today for lunch we had these massive king prawn salads. Oh cute are they the mini cupcake you’ve got all your chilled drinks, and chips over there. These are Shauns favorites because they’re
a bit like an Australian twisties. And this is what Im going to buy with one of my snack credits “you guys got a youtube channel” “yes”. “no no!! Its on Micky!” “you sure?” “yes” “ah thank you so much” One thing I was going to say its nice an low and accessible, and the staff are lovely. We have just come out of the grap and go, and this is the main Centre Town Market. Where you can order your main hot food, where all the food is so good. All caribbean themed. So there are Tacos, build your won bowl, and the yummy yummy jerk chicken. You order where which again is nice and accessible. This is the mobile order pick up station And mobile order is a releitvly new thing that disney have got You place your oder on the app, and then you can come and pick it up so you don’t have to wait. They also have mobile order in the parks aswel for the fast food restaurants. But round here, is where you pick up for food, which you have ordered over there. but it does get really busy here in peak times. so Mobile order is a good idea. hearing where all the cond..iments and the….
“you struggle with that word” “yeah its a funny world Which are all reletvly easy to get to from my wheelchair. I can just about get to the top level. one thing that I found since we’re
saying that There are lots of ramps so I actually get to everywhere in the hotel. And up here is another lovely seating area. and then you can go out here, and sit outside and eat
which is quite nice because I get cold from the ac. this is our designated table that we’ve
designated for ourselves And what about this for a view. Not sure you can see but there’s the Epcot
ball and last night we were able to sit out and watch the epcot fireworks while we were eating which was quite nice. Weeeeeee look another army “as she crashes!” so this is the Banana Cabana which is nice a cool by the pool, It has a very casual feel You can get a sit down snack, And they serve cocktails and have quizes going on and look at the kettle drums so here’s a really nice like decking area
with some comfy seats here overlooking the water so you can get like your grab and goes
the stuff that you order in center town market you can order to go as well since
out here and have dinner or breakfast or whatever you want so nice, and again you can watch the fireworks as well “we have got to do that” “yeah” Its a good idea. So you have
been following me around the whole hotel and as you can see it has been so
accessible “this area is for your enjoyment from sunrise to sunset” Children must be supervised “let’s explore””lets have a look” again no steps BUT MY HANDS ARE BURNING!!! AHHH thats nice Its just a little hammock area, little
hammock area of isolation, so let’s go because there’s somebody in here with
ruining his isolation “he’s probably trying to hide from his wife” Isn’t that what they are all trina do shaun? I was just about to say, I know the feeling. ah its not up. But here is where they
have the outdoor cinema where they show Disney movies we’ve watched a little bit
of finding dory and the other night they had the Little Mermaid they’ve got this
nice astroturf and you can sit down they give you a big bag of popcorn yep or
complimentary and over here is a little and over here. is a little children’s playground where there are no
children because they’re in the pool. Its about about 40 degrees. “this is the sort f place which would get used a lot in England if this was an English resort I
think you can get on this but you can get around on it
that’s all good” that’s soft it’s that soft rubber sort of stuff this is
something that you wouldn’t see ever in England Unless it was iced up or something. we gonna go check out the pool then? Lets go have a look at the pool “we love this pool don’t we Daisy?” then we’re gonna get in there. the pool is completely
gated which is a little bit tricky to open but Harry!!!! “its all right he’s keen to get in the pool!” I don’t blame him. Yeah so the gates are a little bit annoying but
there’s always someone to give you a hand.
This is grate, they have loads of kids activities going on during the day
like some pottery painting they have quizzes they have dancing, there is table tennis over there. Ok so here is the zero entry into the pool so its nice and easy to get into to and then
over there is a Hoist come on Daisy Daisy!!! ( Music) Whoooo Flying down! wooo Each resort also has its own beautiful private beach
with the white sand all the rooms are split up into five different locations
you’ve got Martinique at the top then you’ve got Aruba you’ve got Jamaica
Barbados and Trinidad each location of rooms has its own private pool a beach
and also a bus stop which will take you right to all of Disney World parks. Each
section has its own car park as well. Barbados is the closest section to the
main amenities of the hotel so if you have any walking difficulties or you’re
disabled then I would definitely recommend requesting Barbados all the
rooms are housed in a two-story building so if you have a disability then make
sure to request a ground-floor room. Over there is Jamaica and Jamaica has a large beach with hammocks “Jamaica? I didnt maker, she did it of her own
accord” the cameraman makes daggie jokes. This here is
Barbados, and this is the area we are staying in each of the blocks are numbered. also over the other side of the buildings is the car park and in the car
park that loads of parking and lots of disabled bays as well. this is the back view of the rooms there’s the bus stop so I have just come
out and there is the bus… And this is our private beach. With a Deebatron! All hammock up!! Whaaaay! hahah that is somepose Daisy shall we come out with the boomerang? Again we don’t have any stairs up to our private pool. This is the Barbados pool and obviously it has to be
a little bit higher for safety reasons but they’re really nice and easy to open So this is our pool it’s a relatively
small one compared to the others that we have seen because our resort area
Barbados is relatively small, and all of the resort
pools have a hosit to get in which is really really good and there are
bathrooms as well so you don’t have to track all the way back into your room
and of course the bathrooms are accessible, and can I just say one thing
the pool water is like bath water so warm.! (Muisc) Dotted around the resort you can go and get
soda and also filtered water and ice. you’re also given one of these cups when
you come to the Disney resorts depending what package your on. Its a re
fillable mug where you can fill it up with as much soda as you want they are a little bit
high, I can reach them but they are a little bit high to use but there is a
button for wheelchair users that you can press and then you can navigate the
whole system through down here Giggles and presses button noises Whoos!! that always happens! something else that I have noticed is
that they have also been very good in accommodating for people with visual
impairments there is Braille on the numbers here for the rooms and also it’s
raised numbers here that you can feel. So that was my tour on Disney’s caribbean
beach resort hotel I hope you enjoyed it I guess the burning question on is on
everybody’s lips is would I recommend this hotel resort for someone in a
wheelchair? yes I most definitely recommend this resort for anybody in a
wheelchair it is completely flat very very accessible, I’m about to get to my
accessible room now and if you want to see my accessible room tour at Disney’s
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