Hi, everyone. Today is January 9, 2019, around 5:00pm. The temperature outside is around 42° F And today I’ll be doing a video walking down Canal St and it’s entirety. From Rutgers St and East Broadway, all the way to West St, bordering the Hudson River. So this is the East Broadway station It is served by the F train And this neighborhood I’ll be exiting into Is called the Lower East Side. So, I’ll be taking the East Broadway & Rutgers St exit. Okay, It does seem a little dark out. So… I’m going to go ahead and put on this Saftey Vest here. So I’ll be back in a few seconds after I put it on. Okay, I have my Safety Reflector Vest on. I probably don’t need it. But… It doesn’t hurt because Canal St is a very, very high traffic street by motor vehicles. And it’s highly commercial. So, Immediately after turning onto Canal St We have Chinatown. Chinatown is a large neighborhood in Manhattan’s district in Lower Manhattan. And it runs all the way from East Broadway to Broadway. Funnily enough There in the distance is the One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower. So with regards to Chinatown, they’re actually two main neighborhoods inside Chinatown. Relating to two different regions within China. Where I came from, East Broadway is one main Chinatown. Those people come from the Chinese Province of Fujian. Which are different from the people on the western side of Chinatown. Which mostly come from Guandong and Hong Kong. And they also speak different dialects, although right now Mandarin is getting more and more popular and prevalent within Manhattan’s Chinatown. And a little bit of history about Canal St So Canal St is called “The Canal St” because Ages ago in the 17th century, there used to be a pond called the ‘Fresh Water Pond’. And other people also called it ‘The Collect Pond’ And it provided drinking water and a reservoir and like a recreational center for basically the young residents of a young New York. And by the end of the 17th century the beginning of the 18th century Whoa, I’ll get back to you talking. I have to get over this puddle here. Safety comes first here. So… I think I can go This is why the reflector vest comes in handy. Here is the Chinatown fire engine company, the ‘Chinatown Dragon Fighters’. So as I was saying At the beginning of the 18th century, the pond became so polluted The Collect Pond That the city decided to drain it. And the thing was, that pond was very difficult to drain. Because it was fed by a lot of underwater springs. So, they naturally had to put the water someplace. And there was a stream that came off from the Collect Pond And it was roughly where Canal St is today. So, they built a Canal along Canal St But then that, that Canal it was poorly Poorly maintained, and it didn’t flow well. So It basically became an open sewer, just like The Collect Pond was. So the city, they decided to basically cover up the canal. And they did that where basically whatever dirt they could find and garbage and once again Even though the canal is covered, there was no ventilation for the air to escape So, basically, it became a covered sewer. So… They had to re-do the whole thing, and then finally Canal St was born. And this street all the way from the east side all the way to the west side follows that canal. And to this day, they are old 18th-century canals underneath Canal St, underneath all this pavement. So, right here is Forsith St. And that way is the Manhattan Bridge, Which connects to Brooklyn. If you want to go on the The Manhattan bridge, you can’t walk across this side. Because the… I believe this is the southbound side. No, the northbound side is for cyclists only. And the northbound side is for pedestrians. So, I don’t see any cars here. So it’s okay to cross. So this park to the right of me is the ‘Sara Dee Roosevelt Park’. It’s actually a bunch of long parks put together. It starts from here and ends all the way in Houston St. I don’t know how many blocks from here, but it’s a pretty long park. Now here we have a through-street which connects the Manhattan Bridge. The traffic patterns do get a little bit confusing here. Cars that want to travel westbound onto Canal St, they can’t go straight. And instead, they have to follow Christy St. And then make a left further up. If you continue straight off this bridge, you can only make a right and go on to the Bowery. Which is the street that I’ll talk about next. This is a very notorious interception for pedestrians and cyclists. Because it’s a two-way bike path as well as a lot of motor vehicle traffic. So, it’s very wise to wait for the walk signal here. Here’s a Popeyes fast food restaurant. They specialize in a lot of fried meals and fried chicken. Now this is the Bowery. Back when the Collect Pond was drained and the canal was covered up This area became a big swamp land. And basically, gangs ruled this whole entire neighborhood. And it was notoriously called ‘The Five Points’. This was one of the five points. The five points basically extended from Canal St at Bowery all the way to Sumner St And then the southern bound the resource where Park row is today I know it’s kind of hard to explain the boundaries if you’ve never seen it before. But you can probably search it easily on a map. So, we’re entering one of the busiest sections of Canal St right now. So this is the part of Canal St, which typically defines Chinatown. Now this building across the street is an HSPC But I believe that used to be a ‘Citizens Saving Bank’. And it a landmark building. It’s one of the oldest buildings in this area. A little interesting note When Chinatown first started up, the Diamond District was located here. Most of the Jewelers and Most of the Jewelers and ring dealers and all the high end body-wear was located here. And you can still see some remanence of that today. There are still a lot of Jewelry business here Now a lot of the businesses have moved up to 47th St between 5th Av and 6th Av. Now if you forgot you’re in Chinatown, here is the official Welcome to Chinatown sign. All though it’s facing the wrong way from this way. Now we are about to cross over one of Chinatown’s main streets. The other main street being Canal St and this is Mott St. This is one of the first streets settled by the Chinese And… It’s lined with restaurants and grocery stores, Chinese businesses, pharmacies. You name it. If you’re ever in the area, you should come check it out. So Canal St is also known notoriously for its counterfeit goods trade. They’re used to be a lot of grey product areas sold on this street. Some name brands including Louis Vuitton and Channel bags and fake Rolex’s. ANd they wouldn’t even show them publically on the street. You would have to go into one of the side stores and then go somewhere in the back Show you their goods It was a very successful business for many of these dealers. And the city has cracked down on most of it. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it still exists today I do see a lot of where it is openly being pedaled on the streets. A lot of people don’t like Canal St because, it’s very tourist heavy and the traffic, the traffic is pretty bad here with All the cars going towards New Jersey via the Holland Tunnel. That’s also partly the reason why it hasn’t gentrified Because it’s not a really desirable area. It’s very noisy, very commercial and plus a lot of these businesses and stores They’re actually community owned. They’re not owned by like a single owner or a group of like two or three people. But because the Chinese back in the day, they didn’t have much money. They pulled there money together and bought the building as a community. So in order to get the community to sell out to a developer is very hard. Because you have maybe like 50 or 100 owners And they all need to vote on the decision on what to do with the property. So that keeps a lot of the tenants in Chinatown still. And it hasn’t experienced a rapid growth like other neighborhoods in Manhattan did. Like SoHo or Tribecca. And those two neighborhoods I’m actually going to pass by really soon. So this is Sumner St, this is the edge of the historical five points No matter where you go in the city, you’ll always see people who don’t follow the traffic laws and almost cause a collision. I mean its unfortunate, but people really do need to watch out and don’t assume that people will stop. So over here, Canal St has a Subway Station. It is served by the N, Q, R, W, 6, J and Z trains. You can see a lot of business that are shuttered. Over here. And many of them have been vacant for quite a long time. And even across the street. I’m not sure why they’ve been vacant for so long, but I theorize that It’s not a really desirable area, the landlords are just asking for too much money. SO there have been attempts to gentrify Chinatown like you’ll see. Coffee room over there, some more businesses as I go further west. But, it really hasn’t been that successful so far. Now, there’s a lot of construction here. I guess they’re doing work on the Subways because The fencing is right over the Subway grates. Here’s another big business that moved in trying to imitate something like the Chelsea Market. And the call themselves The China- I’m-ma wait until this Ambulance passes. So this business is trying to imitate the Chelsea Market And basically, it’s a food haul. There’s one of the few alleys in New York, the Cortlandt alley. Despite popular opinions, New York City and Manhattan isn’t really full of alleyways. In fact, they really only shoot the same alleyways over and over. And that one is just one of them. So now I am entering the neighborhood of SoHo. To the north of me is SoHo and to the south is Tribeca And the acronym ‘Tribeca’ stands for ‘Triangle below Canal Street’. It’s actually not really a triangle, it’s more like a trapezoid. But, hey triangle sounds better than ‘trapezoid’. So that’s why the kept it. So, you can even see some signs of gentrification. And some attempts to move the business from SoHo & Tribeca all the way down here When SoHo first gentrified, there was more of bustling art scene. Arts and crafts and creative minds moving together. So, I’ve noticed they are trying to do that a little bit. Like, across the street there. 328 Canal St, with some creative works. But overall it hasn’t really affected the neighborhood as much. Today is actually not a very bad day for traffic at all. The cars and traffic are moving very smoothly. On really bad days, these cars and vehicles can be backed up, back to back. So here’s a mixed-use building going up on Canal St. (Men Chatting) Okay, so as we get further and further west, Canal St gets more and more I guess you would say industrialized, and… There’s some scappling going up, I don’t know what they’re doing here. There is a Sheraton hotel and a Planet Fitness across the street. If you ever wanted to stay here I mean, I wouldn’t call this the most desirable area to spend your night. But… Whatever your lifestyle is and whatever you’re comfortable with. (hey) So here they’re a few clothing stores and some of Cafes. There’s a Cafe Vinnay over there. And some more eating spots. They’re slowly trying to turn Canal St into more like a hipster area. Like Williamsburg or SoHo. Over here is West Broadway. There’s three types of Broadway’s in Manhattan. There’s East Broadway and West Broadway. My goodness. That woman should not be crossing the street there. I would be scared. So here’s a Subway stop for the A, C and E trains. At the intersection of 6th Av and Canal St. Now, this is an extremely busy area. They usually have traffic agents directing traffic here. But right now, a lot of them are taking a break off and just standing off to the side. Now that’s very very dangerous. Even though the pedestrians have a walk signal, don’t just assume that you can just cross the street like that. And not get hit by anything. Always have to look both ways before you cross the street. Here is a large Citi bike station by the Holland Tunnel. Citi bike is the city’s bike share system It cost $169 a year or $12 for a day pass Or $3.00 for a single ride use of 30 minutes. Here’s the final Subway stop on Canal St which is the 1 train. All these vehicles are headed towards Lower Manhattan. The Financial District and Battery Park are too far away from here. So this area is known as Hudson Square. Hudson Square is a commercial area, it’s near the Holland Tunnel. I believe it is also home to the Ghost busters’ firehouse. Here is a Link-NYC booth. It’s de-activated. But when they’re on, they provide a lot of basic functionalities. They provide free calling anywhere in the world. Or maybe not anywhere in the world. I do know it’s free, local and long distance calling within the United States. There’s Web browsing, you could charge your phone from it. There’s no cord provided. You have to provide your own cord. And you can also look for directions. Basically, all those Link-NYC booths, they used to be payphones. Because the payphones fell out of use, the city decided to contract out the development of the payphones into something more useful. So, this company put in the Link-NYC’s, and they didn’t cost the city anything. They paid for themselves with the advertising on the screens. So this is the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. This tunnel goes to New Jersey, it’s only accessible by motor vehicles. Pedestrians and bicycles and other sorts transportation are not allowed in this tunnel. Although I’ve had heard a few stories of people who tried. They got followed through the tunnel and then given a huge fine. (traffic and police siren in distance) I will only cross the street here if the walk signal is on. ‘Cause this street is really really dangerous. I’m glad I have my vest on right now. So off in the distance there, looks like the last glimpse of the sun is going down behind, behind the horizon. (Police siren) This sectiion of Canal St, there really isn’t much here. Its just a bunch of residences and not too many things to notice. Basically a… A vehicle drive-through tourist of Manhattan’s west side. So I have no idea what this business is. But it looks like it has something to do with Manufacturing or like office supplies. So I am approaching Manhattan’s western end at West St. This is also frequently called the West Side Highway. It is getting noticeably more windy. So I apologize if the audio is not good and you can’t here me as well. The wind chill is really getting to my hands. So here at the intersection of (Oh my goodness) At the intersection of Canal St and West St, you have this uniquely shaped, shaped building Which is actually a Department Of Sanitation Of New York facility. It’s called the Salt Shed. And the reason why the city uses salt is because during the winter time during now, whenever it snows or there is a threat of ice The city takes all the salt from facilities such as these. And spreads it throughout the streets of New York, so they don’t ‘ice up’. So this is why it’s called the West Side Highway. Cars travel really really quickly off this road. And here’s another look at the salt shed facility. And that’ll do it for this video. Make sure to like this video, Subscribe, and tell your friends and colleagues about this video and my channel. And I’ll see you everone next time. Thank You.