This was one of the most interesting visual that I shared along my Maldives episodes I have mentioned that such chopped fishes will be served to Resorts across Maldives Since tuna is one of their favorite and common fish, you’ll see tons of Tuna dishes across different Island As I mentioned before this is how they marinate and prepare dishes for us using Tuna As they ensure to keep it fresh and ready for cooking As this is an open kitchen at this specific restaurant where you can get your fish cooked I did get tons of chances to try our their dishes but I never got the right opportunity to record the cooking process But here I got the chance to record their cooking method as this is one of the simplest cooking method. As I got the chance to record while eating as much until both my mind and stomach was filled So lets check out the visuals As this episode will focus on my resort visit as promised before Welcome to my new video, I’m Harees Ameerali Currently here at Thulusdhoo Island,Maldives Today I will share this island visuals along with a resort visit Stay tuned and keep watching So I currently stay at this small budget friendly resort And we have the boat ready for us to leave for the resort visit And these are the works here originally from Bangladesh So this is Dream Inn, Thulusdhoo There are tons of Malayalee’s here at this island I even came across a small shop that’s owned by a Malayalee here Just like that the roads are sandy as it’s really calm and quite With a basic village style and ambiance more like that’s on an island As they have made such an effort to encourage tourism here As they promoted surfing on areas with more waves and the parts with calmness they encouraged us to do snorkeling So they are truly encouraging tourism based on the activities that they can provide Their methods really helps them to grow into a much better version of themself Maybe this could even turn into a Singapore in future They are now patching up the bushes as you’ll see people from all over the world That’s here for working as well for pleasure And the salaries here are in USD, hence that’s the main highlight of Maldives Each houses are owned by the local people as they’ll provide most of their houses as home-stays Most houses are constructed with sheets on the roof with many opens spaces As they have utilized most of their space and you’ll see such on each islands After about 500 meters walking form our Hotel we are here at the boat dock As they have an ATM from Bank of Maldives As this is their common bank The island we are currently on has a Coca Cola factory(Thulusdhoo Island) As this is one of the primary Cocacola factory and that boat is here from the resort to take us in for the tour So we’ll head to the resort to check things out Do show your support and keep watching as I will do my best to portray the awesome sights from the resort we are heading to Maldives is something that’s filled with natural beauty As you get to enjoy more oceanic beauty Regardless of where you go within Maldives each island will be unique in it’s own way So our boat has arrived and we’ll head to the resort Maldives have resort day tour, you may not get a clear view of my face as it’s really sunny and gotta wear all these As it’ll burn you up as we are not used to it So each resort here will be expensive (Since they are mostly luxurious) As they’ll charge you from 600-800-1000-1200 USD When I travel I only spend upto 100 USD for the resort/hotel as I only need them to sleep while spending the day to explore the place I’m doing this as a sample tour as you may prefer to visit Maldives I’d suggest you to choose something within your fitting budget It’s ok if you have the fund to afford the expensive kinds You’ll have to pay around 65-70-80 USD for the room Or something around 100 USD and if you want to experience a luxurious resort such as this You can opt for Resort day tour, which can be arranged And you will be picked and transported to the resort and you’ll be greeted with welcome drink With food as it’ll cost around 65-100 USD And the charge may vary based on the facilities and the place of the resort But the main advantage is that you can explore such private island such as this And you won’t have complete access and you can epxlore enjoy the food As you will get the chance to explore the island that charges people 600-700-900 USD But with the lack of ”Room Access” As it’s really sunny and I’m a bit tried a si was travelling alot for the past few days And almost done with the scotching heat of the sun as I had to walk around alot to record Which is why most of the videos are done with voice overs So today we’ll explore this resort after having some food as I am indeed starving now These will really help us control the effects of this sun light to abit So we’ll explore the place that’s the dock and you’ll see this pathway to the resort with a patio With a restaurant And then you’ll see gears for water sports/events And from there you can swim, shower dive and explore I took most of my drone shots from this specific location So I’ll head inside for some food So we are here for lunch as it’s lunch time as of now and when you arrive at the resort You’ll be provided with complimentary drinks starting from 10:30 am Which are unlimited on this resort while other resorts may have limitations And just like that they have an open restaurant buffet I didn’t record much as it was crowded and didn’t wanted to ruin their privacy as people travel to Maldives for relaxing So I didn’t wanted to disturb them as you won’t feel the vibe here It’s more relaxed like a holly place like a church or temple As you won”t feel like making a loud noice as most people are couples I did miss my family and make sure to bring your kids Maldives is indeed a honeymoon destination And I’d suggest Maldives to people that have the budget to spend Else My recommendation will be Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore Because things re really expensive here As you’ll feel as if you are spending abit too much It maybe because of the places I have traveled before had a different economy And even for this resort visit it cost me 65-75 USD for just a lunch and a simple resort tour As you won’t get room access , you’ll only get to explore the island and just take pictures or what-not With complete access except the rooms But still it feels abit expensive as you can surely book a 5-star hotel back home for that amount I’m trying to share the details as I can, but the ambiance here is really good As each islands are own it’s own space with a single resort here No cars or sound not even poluted And people visit here from all over the world As you’ll see different culture here They’l[ provide you with similar tags, blue means that you are on day tour And if it’s green you’ll be marked as a residence here So your access will be controlled based on the color of the tag you are wearing This is common over Thailand as well specially at Ban Sukavdi Palace This reduces much explanation as you’ll be permitted or restricted based on the color code.