Welcome you all to another episode of SF kitchen Today we are going to make a yummy beef recipe Check it out .. The main ingredient for this recipe is Beef I’ve taken more than 1/2 kg of beef meat here and I’ve removed the bones That’s why I’m unable to mention the exact weight of the meat Let’s marinate the meat now. It will cook faster if you slice them thin I’ve taken 2 tbsp of chilli paste here Its nothing but the chilli flakes are mixed with some warm water and grind in a mixie ALso, add 1tbsp of green chilli sauce You can replace it with red chilli sauce also Add 1 tbsp of soya sauce and 3/4 tbsp of vinegar Vinegar helps to speed up the cooking process of meat DOn’t get confused seeing the colour of the vinegar. Because I used the same spoon in which I measure the soya sauce Add 2 1/2 tbsp of cornflour and salt to taste Mix everything well When it is done, add the thinly sliced beef pieces into the batter and mix properly Check the salt level and the spice level Let me add the remaining 1 tbsp of chilli paste which I kept aside in the beginning. So adjust the salt and spice level accordingly and then keep it aside for half an hour Keep it in room temperature for half an hour or you may keep it inside the fridge not in the freezer,for 15 minutes Meanwhile, let’s prepare the gravy required for this dish Let me place a saucepan on the stove and pour some coconut oil into it When it is hot,add 3-4 cardamom,1/2 tsp of whole pepper,1 1/2 inch piece of cinnamon. I’ve made the cinnamon into tiny pieces here Add 10 cloves of garlic sliced Add 1 tbsp of chopped ginger into it If you are not able to follow me in the video,do check out the description box given under the video to get the list of ingredients Saute them until the raw smell of them goes off Now let me add 1 medium-sized tomato sliced Even if it is thick, we will be cooking it well along with the beef So the size doesn’t matter When the onions are sauteed enough add 1 whole capsicum cut into long pieces The main flavor of this dish is capsicum.SO you may add different colors of capsicums I thought to make this dish colorful and that’s why I used 3 colors here Add enough salt and mix thoroughly Now let me add 1 tsp of garam masala and 1 tsp of pepper powder Its a special taste to have the beef curry made using pepper powder and green chilli Please do try it out and that’s one of my mother’s special recipes I’m not sure about its correct measurements.But I’ll definitely do that once after discussing it with my mother Now let’s add the marinated beef pieces into this And mix the whole beef in the masala well Cooking the beef is the only process left in this recipe. By this time you can add plenty of curry leaves which will enhance the taste of the dish No need to add extra water since the beef itself will have water content in it So it will cook well in its own water and becomes dry in the end Now close the pan with a lid and cook them well Now let’s check whether the pieces are cooked well or not Its yummy!!! Even I also got surprised by seeing this colour When it gets dried well,it will become darker in color SO watch till the end of this video to see the end result I don’t want to give you the comments like commentary You must try this recipe for sure Its very tasty and the best combination for chapati also Because we have already tried this recipe before. SO please do try it out and send your feedback in the comment box I’ve seen some feedback and pictures in the comment box before And I’m so happy to know that you people are regularly following us And if you like this video, please do like it If you are watching our channel for the first time,please do subscribe it and enable the bell icon then only we would be able to reach you easily We have a Facebook and Instagram page as well I’ll give you the link for both pages in the description box PLease do follow us on that See you all with another yummy recipe.Till then take care ..