hello friends welcome to bhagya tv in this video we are going to see how to make hotel style poori now we will note down the ingridients required wheat flour 2 cups maida 1 cup chiroti rava 1/4 cup sugar 1 tbsp salt to taste oil for deep fry oil for mixing dough these are the ingridients required for preparing puri add wheat flour to a bowl add maida add chiroti rava add sugar add salt to taste add a tbsp of oil mix them dryly add little water dont add fully at once the dough must be thick and smooth again add water and mix well this is the dough’s consistency required the dough is smooth roll the dough like a tube cut this into equal peices make the cut peices into circles here the dough balls are ready dip them into oil and roll into round sheets it must be thick batter must be roled to this consistency now here all the balls are rolled add oil into a frying bowl keep the stove on high flame and heat the flame after adding the dough to oil press with less force for 5 to 6 seconds from which poori will expand keep puting oil on boiling puri keep flipping puris and boil on both the sides here you can see how nicely the puri is boiled into golden brown the flame must be adjusted by you according to temerature of oil