In this video let us see about some of the most beautiful but dangerous hotels in this world. There is a hotel in Jukas Jarvi, Sweden which is completely made of ice, and it has 65 rooms. Approximately 28000 tonnes of ice from a nearby river called tonne has been used to make this hotel. Since the beds and chairs in this hotel are made of ice, the interior temperature of this place remains at -5° C Every year this hotel would be reconstructed from December to April This hotel has been constructed in South America in the huilo forest which is about 3 lakhs acres. Though there are many hotels in this place, the famous one is Montana Magica which is in a sharp tomb shape. It has been made of trees and plants are grown on its surface. And an artificial waterfalls has been designed just for these plants. Moreover,there is a volcano also near this place. In North America’s Ashford, these two floor tree houses have been made from 200 year old Deodar Trees. Generally tree houses are less than 6feet tall. But tree houses here are nearly 50 feet from the ground Electricity for this hotel which is inside dense forest is obtained from Solar Energy. There is a Rainbow bridge also in this place. The worlds first underwater hotel is being constructed in Fuji which is in the South Pacific ocean. The construction which began in 2001 is still continuing. 40 feet deep inside the sea, 25 beautiful rooms whose ceilings are made of glass are being constructed. This place which has all the facilities,has elevators operated from the surface of the sea. Nearly 1,50,000 people have done pre-booking to stay in this place. A hotel is being constructed in a mountain in Peru in a way which we cant even imagine We need to climb the 400feet high mountain inorder to reach this place. Each and every room here is entirely made of glass. which is 24 feet long and can accommodate 4 people and is equipped with all facilities. Moreover, inorder to enjoy the scenery, balconies have been created at the top of this place. If you liked this video, please like,comment and share this video. And dont forget to subscribe to Kollywood Talk channel