Are you blind? -What did you say?
-Hold him. Darn you! Neeta! Neeta! -Neeta!
-Mama! Mom, bread. -Have one more.
-Enough, my child. Mom, nice aroma today. Have you cooked Sev curry? Yes, its sev curry Not me, Neeta made it. She’s a better cook than me. Sister-in-law. What if we get Prahlad a new bike? -Why?
-Why don’t you understand? How many years will he ride the same bike? He needs bike for college. Please buy him one. Fine, I’ll get him one. I’ll buy you a bike only
because your sister-in-law insists. Drive safely. Brother, I want a new scooty. Why? We purchased one for you last year. Now if there’s something
for everyone I too want something. Yes, we’ll buy you a helicopter. Focus on your studies. -Hello, aunt.
-Hello. Come son, sit. -Very joyful atmosphere.
-Yes. -Uncle’s going to get a new bike.
-Wow! That’s great, junior. Sister-in-law, I’m very hungry. Here’s your plate. Oh, thank you. Please. Sister-in-law Neeta is a great cook. -It’s a matter of luck.
-True. Ratlam client called. -Really?
-The meeting is scheduled for evening. Fine. We’ll meet Gupta and leave. -Let’s go.
-Let’s go. I never thought the client
would agree so easily. Sanjay, forgot who was accompanying you? I am hungry. Same here. Let’s see if we can find something. Stop. When did this open? I don’t like this place. Let’s do one thing. Let’s go to our regular hotel. Sir, please come. We serve food and drinks
at reasonable rates. It’ll be refreshing. What’s the harm in trying it out once? -Let’s go.
-Let’s go. Please. “Let’s transform this
hanky into the flute.” -“The DJ”
-Waiter. What will you have? I’ll have cold drink. “Let’s transform this
hanky into the flute.” “The DJ will play the
snake charmer’s music.” “Just for you.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Look at her moves.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Look at her moves.” What’s your name? -Yes, Neeta.
-Manish, where are you? I am out for dinner with a client. You should’ve told me.
I’ve been waiting for you. Sorry. You have dinner. I’ll be late. Manish, did you have drinks? I had, to please the client. Drink wisely. Mom won’t like it. Don’t worry, Neeta. I’ll hang up. “The groom looks handsome.” “The bride looks beautiful too.” “She dances” “like a peacock.” Enough, man. Don’t blow up so much money. “Like a deer.” “Old Man also…” Her name’s Divya. She gave me her number. “Dance, crazy girl.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Look at her moves.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Dance, crazy girl.” “Look at her moves.” It was fun. You’re drunk. This is our first and last visit.
Mind you. Okay. Excuse me. What’s your name? Manish. I gave you my number. didn’t I? Save it. -Bye.
-Bye. Let’s go. How much will he be worth for us? He’s wealthy. If we show him a bait it’ll be as smooth as slicing butter. Manish, I told you not to get drunk,
didn’t I? Let’s go to the room. To the room. Manish. You’re beautiful. As white as milk. -I love you, Divya.
-Divya? Manish, I am not Divya. You’re my Divya Sangeeta and Rekha. You’re Neeta too. Don’t spoil my mood. Divya? Manish, I am not Divya. Neeta. Neeta. Neeta, listen. I am sorry. Look. Don’t get drunk again. I don’t like it. And, yes. I don’t want to be Divya,
Sangeeta or Rekha. I am fine being Neeta. Yes, you’ll always be Neeta. The client forced me to drink. Have I ever got so drunk? I am sorry. I am sorry. Fine. Mom’s doctor appointment today. Please don’t forget. I’ll be there on time. Happy? Divya calling? No. I don’t want to go that way. Hello. Manish? Are you upset? Not at all. Why didn’t you take my calls? -What is it?
-Nothing. I was missing you so I thought I’ll call. Why? Did I make a mistake? No. Come, then. As it is, the evening in our bar is incomplete without you. I can’t come every day. Only for today. Please. Why? What’s special? There’s something special. You might get anything you wish. -But?
-You shouldn’t refuse a loving invite. You know what? For the first time I’ve
called up someone to visit me. If you don’t come I’ll spend the evening crying. Now it’s up to you. What do you think? Will he come? Will he? Meaning? He’ll definitely come. Child, wasn’t Manish supposed to come? Yes, mom. He was. I’ll call him. -Hello.
-Hello, Manish. Where are you? Neeta, you’ll have to take mom to the doc. Something urgent has come up. But, how can something
urgent come up so suddenly? I told you in the morning, didn’t I? Do I have to go? Prahlad’s there. Tell him to accompany you. Where are you going? Business matter. Why do you want to know? What happened, my child? Nothing, mom. They say a mistake is a mistake till it’s not repeated. If that happens the mistake becomes a crime. Life had given Manish everything a common man desires to have. Growing business and a happy family. Manish’s happy life was shaken when he stepped inside
the dance bar for the first time. Second time when he visited the dance
bar on Divya’s insistence it was not a mistake but a first link of the crime
that was going to happen in his life. Manish may not have realized the joys he’s chasing hide deceit and fraud in them. If only Manish could understand the road he’d taken was full of suffering and sorrow. What turn was his life about to take? How would this turn affect his family? In this Crime Alert episode we have for you a story of crime and deceit which will send shivers down your spine. “My intoxicating youth” “is like a drink.” “I am getting that feeling.” “Have fun.” Not tonight. Everything is free for you tonight. Divya will dance for free for you. “Kiss me as accompaniment.” “Don’t keep me waiting.” “I belong to you tonight.” “I am getting that feeling.” “Have fun.” “I am getting that feeling.” “Have fun.” Tell Manish I met the doctor. I am fine. He worries a lot otherwise. I’ll take rest. Prahlad, I didn’t tell mom but we’ll have to tell Manish about mom’s kidney problem and that she needs to be operated soon. I’ll do one thing. I’ll call up Manish. The number you’re trying
to call is currently switched off. Manish’s phone is switched off. -Manish.
-Yes. Where are you going? I am going towards Rajwada. I am going to Sudama Nagar. Can you drop me? Yes, why not? I’ll drop you. Come. Manish, this is where I stay. Alright. You go. I have to leave. Manish, you had too many drinks. Have lemonade at my place. You’ll become sober. Then you can go home. Scared of me? I am not scared of you. I am scared of myself. Don’t worry about me. My mom stays with me. -Let’s go.
-Okay. Please come. This is my little dwelling. Your mom’s not to be seen? Mom’s upstairs. -Come, I’ll introduce you.
-Sure. Come. Mom. -Divya, you’re back?
-Yes, mom. -Mom, Manish.
-Hello, aunt. Please, take rest. Is she unwell? Mom paralyzed. Her legs are paralyzed. Mom, you go to sleep. I am downstairs. Take care, aunt. Come. You sit while I prepare lemonade for you. The number you’re trying
to call is currently switched off. Please try again later. Hello. Hello, brother Sanjay. Neeta this side. Lemonade for you. Thank you. I went to the room to change. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long. Not at all. Your papa? Divya, what happened? Where’s your papa? Papa’s not there. I mean, he’s no more. Mom’s in this condition
since last three years. I am so sorry. Oh, please don’t. Manish, you know I am very lonely. It’s just mom and me in my life. Due to mom’s condition I have no choice but to do this work. Why don’t you take up some other job? You’re right. I could’ve got a job
if I’d completed my studies. Mom’s medical expenses are too high. Who likes to dance in a bar otherwise? Divya. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Divya? Manish. Don’t cry. Mom? You’re still up?
Why are you sitting like this? Why are you still up? I can see since evening you’re worried for Manish. I don’t have a good feeling. What is it? Mom, I think someone has
cast an evil eye on our house. Look, my child. If you’re alert nobody can cast an evil eye on you. I must go. I’ll wait for you. Wow, my child. You won him over. Mom, I’ve learnt this from you. Use him well. At least 10-15 lakh. Mom, 10-15 lakh is such a small amount. I have big plans. Manish, stop. Wasn’t brother Sanjay with you
in the meeting? Why? I called him because
your phone was switched off. Why did you call him? What do you mean? He’s your business partner and a friend. Who else will I call
if your phone is switched off? Being my partner doesn’t
mean we’ll be together all the time. I want to do something by myself. That’s why I was out for a meeting. Look, Manish. Don’t do anything which
will make you lonely. What do you mean? You don’t care about your child, mom brother, nobody. You didn’t even ask
what the doc said about mom. Sorry, Neeta. What did the doc say? The doc says mom has kidney ailment. Oh, God! Nothing to worry about. The doc says if we operate on her soon everything will be normal. Thank God. As it is, you’re there to look after her. I am there, Manish. But coming late everyday making new friends in the name of business taking other girls’ names at home is not acceptable. Do you suspect me? -You’re making me suspect you.
-Meaning? You’re smart. You know what I mean. Wow! That’s great. You’re here much before time. Divya is not yet ready. I am here to tell you to quit this job. Be mine. I’ll manage your expenses. Please try to understand. I can’t do this. Why can’t you? What’s the problem, Divya? Problem? The problem is I have a one year contract
with the dance bar. I can’t terminate it. I’ll talk to them. Manish, please don’t. You know these people are dangerous,
don’t you? They might harm you. How? How can they harm me? It’s bullying. I can deal with such people. You decide. Leave the rest to me, Divya. Manish, please try to understand. As it is, I have a lot of expenses. Mom’s treatment house rent, doctor fees and much more. Do you know? Most important. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us because of money. You don’t worry about that. I’ll manage. You just tell me how much they’ll take
to terminate the contract? Please try to understand. What? Understand what? This is the time for love. You’ve come after two days. Will you do what I told you? Only if you listen to me. What is it? You won’t refuse, will you? No. Will you come home tonight? Please. Thank you. What’s wrong with you? Neither do you reach office on time nor visit the client on time. You’ve already taken
a loan of 5 lakh rupees. You want another 10 lakh. Say something, bro. What’s happening in your life? Look. I can’t tell you anything now. Just do as I say. I need money. At least tell me whether everybody
in the house knows about this. You don’t worry. How can I not worry? You called me here all of a sudden. Now you’re saying don’t worry. Look. You can take it from the company account. I am worried for
Sister-in-law Neeta and you. Think before you do anything, brother. You don’t worry. One request. Don’t tell anyone at home. Don’t tell anyone? Is Divya…? I got to go. Tell me where you’re going, bro. -Personal matter.
-Hey? When did matters become
personal between us? Hello, sister-in-law Neeta. Sister-in-law, I didn’t know Manish
is crazy about that bar dance Divya. You know he’s taken a personal loan
of 15 lakh from the office? What? Brother Sanjay, so much has happened but you didn’t find
it necessary to inform me? I tried talking to Manish. I thought he’ll understand, but… Can you give me the dance bar address? Did you speak to Megha? Yes. He said visit the bar day after tomorrow. I’ll be there. Manish, I hope I am not troubling you. Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him. He’ll understand. As it is, we’re paying
him for terminating the contract. Don’t worry. I’ll manage. What happened? I want to puke. Mister. You think this is child’s play to change the contract on your whims? You think 15 lakh is enough to settle the matter? Your agreement states if she leaves the bar she’ll have to pay 15 lakh. Divya is in demand. If she leaves us we’re at a loss, aren’t we? I want 20 lakh rupees. Can you? Yes. Fine. I’ll arrange for another 5 lakh. Don’t make new demands. I won’t. Unless you don’t pay me 5 lakh rupees Divya will be our queen. You never know you might abscond with her without paying. I’ll be at a loss. One more thing. You’re not allowed to meet her. We can go to any extent. Mister. Will you marry her? I am married and I love my wife and kid. You love her, don’t you? Strange, mister. You love your wife. You love her. You’re a very loving guy, mister. You love just doesn’t seem to end. You don’t want to leave your wife and keep her too. Do you want her as your keep? If your love is real divorce your wife. I’ll discount 5 lakh. Manish, I am pregnant. I’ll wait for you. If you don’t come I may not live. Don’t worry. I’ll come. Hey! Stop! -Raghu!
-Yes, boss. Find out who that woman is who dared to shoot my video. -Go!
-Right. Boss, she sped away. We’ll have to find out who the woman is. Unless you don’t pay me 5 lakh rupees Divya will be our queen. You’re not allowed to meet her. We can go to any extent. I have only 3 lakh rupees in my account. If your love is real divorce your wife. I’ll discount 5 lakh. I am pregnant. I’ll wait for you. If you don’t come I may not live. Manish, what are you doing on the terrace? Work stress. Have coffee. You know your son’s stressed too. Why? He was saying today’s 23rd August. Tomorrow’s 24th August. His birthday. He said his dad hasn’t bought him a gift. I am so sorry. Aren’t you saying sorry
too often these days? Don’t worry. I bought a gift for him on your behalf. Thank you. Like every year why don’t we visit the
Annapurna temple on his birthday? Alright. Manish, one more thing. Can I be of any help in your problem? No. I’ll manage. Alright. -Did you take the offerings?
-Yes. Neeta, let’s have lunch outside. -Yes. Let’s go to hotel Chappan.
-Alright. Mom and Prahlad are at home. It won’t look good. As it is we’re expecting guests at home. A lot of preparations
are to be made for the evening. Fine then. Let’s go home. We’ll go to hotel Chappan
some other time, son. -Alright?
-Alright. This is how it is. She’s Manish’s wife. She will not be spared. -Raghu.
-Yes, boss. Are you blind? Why were you riding so fast? Don’t you know how to ride a bike? Get down. What did you say? Mad who? -You!
-Hold him. Darn you! Neeta! Leave me. You! Neeta! Neeta! -Mama!
-Neeta! -Mama!
-Neeta! Papa, look what’s happening to mama. Let’s go, man. Neeta! Neeta, what the hell has happened? You’ll be fine. Manish, there are some
videos for you in my mobile. Please go through those. Neeta! Mama. Neeta. -Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.
-Mama. -Neeta.
-Mama. -What happened?
-Mama. Son, what happened? What happened to my child? Grandma, someone stabbed mama. -Is she dead?
-Don’t know, boss. Are you out of your mind? -Why kill her?
-Shut up! She was Manish’s wife. They were trying to fool us. Good she’s dead. He won’t dare to do anything. You should’ve killed both of them. What if she opens her mouth? Mom’s right. You know she has our video recording, don’t you? We don’t have license
to run the bar either. What do we do now? Just lie low for now. We’ll see. As soon as I get a chance
I’ll kill your lover too. Manish, there are some
videos for you in my mobile. Please go through those. Mom’s paralyzed. Her legs are paralyzed. Manish? Manish. Divya! Mr. Manish? Welcome. Manish? I know your truth. You were trying to cheat me? What are you talking? I don’t understand. Really? See this video. You too see this. You’ll know everything. Want more proof? I am sure you and your men did this. If anything happens to Neeta I’ll chase you around Bhopal and kill you. You’ll kill me? You’ll kill Megha? Raghu! Billa! Get up. I’ll show you. You’ll kill me? Come on! Inspector. -These are the people.
-Arrest them. Manish. Aunt called me when you left and we informed the police. Don’t worry. I’ll manage this. Don’t take law in your hands. We’ll deal with them. Take them so that they get a taste
of our hospitality. Come on. Inspector, don’t leave them. Police will deal with them. You should be with Neeta. She’s serious. Let’s go. Neeta. -Mama.
-Neeta. Mama. -Mummy.
-Mama. Mama. Neeta. -Neeta?
-Mama. Neeta! Neeta, please wake up. I cheated you, Sanjay and everyone else. Please forgive me. Please give me one chance, Neeta. Manish, who was not
just leading a happy life but was also fortunate. In this world full of lies,
deceit and greed for few more joys lost the joys he already had. Neeta was not just a good human being but a good mother good daughter-in-law,
sister-in-law and a good wife too. Unfortunately, she’s no more. Her son Ashutosh lost his mom. Nobody can fill up this void in his life. Police investigated this matter and Manish was a suspect too but he was acquitted. Megha, Mallik and their accomplice were held guilty of murder. For running an illegal dance bar the bar owner was arrested. Divya and her mother were held guilty of fraud
and running a prostitution racket. Today they are behind bars. With this, I Amit Pachauri take your leave in this
episode of Crime Alert. I’ll see you again
with another real incident in the next episode. Till then, don’t forget. To prevent crime stay alert. Crime Alert.