Hello Friends, Welcome to my Channel My name is Avinash and I will be taking you to many travel journeys through this channel with lots of tips about budget trips how you can travel to many countries, I have traveled to 9 countries so far and yeah, I have lots of plans to travel to many countries. So yeah if you also, love traveling then definitely subscribe to my channel, today’s video I will tell you guys about every place I went from Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon towards Hanoi, The Capital of Vietnam and everything that happened on my trip, so let’s get started with today’s video like you can see so much in an 18 days trip in Vietnam and even that is not enough as Vietnam is a big country like to travel even 30 days aren’t enough for you In this video, I will talk about flights budget, taxis, buses and everything you can do all the expenses in food, hotel or hostel I will tell everything to you guys Vietnam and after that all the cities I stayed in the 18 days I was there and what all I explored in these cities so get your coffee cup as this video is going to be long as there are 5-6 things I will be talking with you guys and yeah this video had 2 more parts where I talk with you guys on how to buy/sell motorbike and how to get a Vietnam Visa for Indians so this is the 3rd part and as all three were getting long I though to break it into parts get ready as I will tell you guys lots of things in this video so let’s start from the first thing I will tell you about the visa which comes around to 50$ for single entry and if you require one for multiple entry it comes around to around 80$ if you wanna know anything about visa just watch the first video from this series where I talk about everything you need to know about Visa that was visa now let’s get started with flights today’s second top so the flight came around Rs 20,000 roundtrip from India to Singapore and from Singapore to Vietnam and then return from there let’s talk about the 3rd important thing which is hotels even if you are staying with 2 people hotel is cheaper compared to staying in a hostel as we booked hotels as we booked hotels from Rs 800-3000/head like Rs 3000 for 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City Saigon just think about this that Saigon is almost the second main city in Vietnam if there we found a room for Rs 3000 for 3 people for 3days for around Rs 3000 and if you thinking about going solo you can get hostels from Rs 300-500 which is easily available in hostel world or wego as there are many such sites you can check and after looking at the ratings if you just staying in hostels your 18 days expense might come around to Rs 6000-12000 if we see we were staying 3 people in a hotel room we spent around Rs 10,000 next on the list is transportation we had our bikes which we bought after reaching Saigon so we’re not spending much on taxis in 230$ we bought our bikes after that everything was easily accessible with the bike around 60$ for petrol get’s add up so 230$ + 60$ comes around to Rs 20000 including bike and petrol later we sold the bike too which gets deducted so in just Rs 7000 was spent on transportation if you are using a bike but if you are using the bus which will definitely cost a bit more with 18 days in hand, you will definitely visit 5-6 cities and every bus trip would cost around Rs 1000-2000 in an A/C Bus so bike becomes the cheapest option if you can ride as it’s really amazing with the beautiful views around you while riding in Vietnam so in transportation you can keep Rs 6000-7000 and keep a buffer budget of $100 for repairs as I spent around Rs 3000 on repairing but definitely, have a backup fund of 100$ so the total comes to around Rs 10000 and around Rs 1-2000 for taxis and others inter-city rides including transportation the expenses has become around Rs 45000 let’s get to the food, if you can eat local food that’s cheap and you can manage in Rs 200-500 for a proper filling meal including Redbull which is really cheap in Vietnam and if you like beer it’s cheap too there which you can easily get in hotels and even small cafes it’s easily available so /meal you can consider from Rs 200-500 in between if you plan to try some luxury restaurants like if you visit a famous restaurant you can consider a bill of Rs 1000/head so that was about Rs 10000 for food in 18 days and total expense get’s to Rs 55000 we drank lots of coffee too as the coffee in Vietnam is famous too so consider the extra budget for that and if you love coffee consider a bump of Rs 2-3000 easily but yeah the coffee is cheap and if you drink regularly according to that, I am considering the budget as Rs 3000 If you are drinking from 4-5 cups that come around to Rs 300 which if you multiplied with 10 days becomes Rs 3000 and for 18 days it becomes around Rs 6000 so according to that maths I am saying including food and all keep a budget of Rs 57000 And yeah all of this has come up to Rs 57000 which includes your visa, flights transportation, stay food all these for Rs 57000 18 days which is really great as we rode very comfortably there was not even one moment where we were crunching on the amount of money we should be spending with comfort, everything was planned let’s get to next topic I will tell you everything we did in the 18 days in Vietnam all the cities we went to everything that we visited what all we saw so the first city we visited where we landed in Vietnam was Saigon where we spent our 3 days and where we bought our bikes and went for the Mekong Delta tour and also the Cu Chi Tunnels tour where we even tried to use a gun like it was my first time using a big gun like before this I have never used a smaller gun too but it was an amazing experience, Cu Chi Tunnel is famous for the Vietnam American war where they tell you about everything how the Vietnamese soldiers fought bravely giving up everything building those tunnels how they were able to win the war from the American soldiers which is like really amazing and yeah Saigon was an amazing place to go but yeah it is really crowded as it’s the first or second most crowded city after Hanoi if you compare it with Hanoi after that, we took our bikes and went towards Mui Ne which was around 200kms from Saigon you can even do a day trip from Saigon to Mui Ne if you want to keep Saigon as the main spot I don’t know about day trips as I don’t like them much that’s why we drove our way to Mui Ne as anyway we wanted to ride till Hanoi and yeah we rode till Mui Ne and visited the White Sand Dunes where we rode the jeep on the dunes and just next to the white sand dunes is a beautiful lake and what happened at the white sand dunes is that like not storm as nothing much happened to anyone but the wind there was crazy with the sand hitting us at amazing speeds all over on our face and the jeep ride you will have a blast during the jeep ride and for the jeep ride, you have to pay around Rs 800 but it’s totally worth every penny you can try the quad bikes too but as we were 3 we opted for the jeep we paid around Rs 2000 for the whole ride wasn’t that costly but totally amazing you can try that and then head over to red sand dunes after red sand dunes, we went to the beach where we got to know that kite surfing is really famous there in Mui Ne after that, we were done with Mui Ne and yeah in Mui Ne food and all there are lots to try like for seafood lovers you are going to enjoy your trip there as around Vietnam, you get some amazing sea food is just amazing, Bahn mi and lots of such things Mi Xao there’s so much to tell you guys if you are doing the motorbike trip you will see many such roadside cafes where you can easily get food like noodles almost every 20kms you might find a stop for that there will definitely be new places to eat if you are riding you won’t face any problem there are many garages too if you face any technical problems in your bikes so yeah, you won’t face much problem. After Mui Ne we headed over to Nha Trang where we didn’t stop much as it was kind of a rest stop for us covering which we had to reach Hoi An so we did the day trip to Nha Trang and the next day we headed towards Quy Nhon which is also a small city where also we just had a rest stop for the night after chilling at the hotel and resting next day we started our journey again towards Hoi An which is just an amazing place to go to which is really beautiful and if you are going to Vietnam definitely visit that during the night time as the surroundings around become just another level which looks really beautiful we reached Hoi An at night and then headed towards the market where there are lots of boats, lanterns all around you if you want to boat in the canal you can do that and lots of cafes you buy some lanterns as it’s a huge market during the night during the day there’s nothing much to do you can visit the Hoi An beach which too has many cafes Hoi An’s full day trip which we drove ourselves we finished the trip so we went to Mi Son ruins which is mostly the temple ruins of Hindus where you will a lot of such temples which is maintained by the Vietnam and Indian government so don’t forget to visit that too as we had lot’s of time we thought why not visit the golden bridge which is the famous hand bridge which is famous in Instagram so we headed over to Da Nang as it’s located there inside the Sunworld Ba Na hills which is really an amazing park they have a staged french colony too we have to take the full day ticket which comes around to Rs 3000 including everything around 8 lacs Vietnamese dong which includes your whole day out there walk around the place for the day this was Da Nang and Hoi An after that, we headed towards Hue which was about 120kms it was not that far but due to vehicle failures we reached during the night in Hue we had a day so we thought to book this tour and after checking, we booked the Hue city tour where they take you to different places to the Emperor’s tombs as there were 13 Emperors of Vietnam and you will get to know about the history of them and yeah the whole trip starts from the morning where they pick you up from the hotel then at lunchtime, they take you for buffet lunch and after lunch they take you for the dragon boat ride which drops you at the city center after the last Emperor’s tomb, they give you the ride they take you to temples after which they take you guys towards the city, so this was everything about Hue after Hue, we had around 5-6 days to travel around Vietnam after that we had our flights towards Bengaluru so we thought to cover the 700kms distance from Hue to Hanoi we thought to cover it in a day but as we didn’t have much daytime so we broke it into 2 days and stopped at Vinh and headed over to Hanoi the next day. In between, there’s Ninh Binh which is where we didn’t visit but I suggest you guys to visit it for the caves and Kayaking and many things it’s famous for its amazing places which people told us but we didn’t stop there this time but definitely next time there’s always the next time after this, we reached the capital city Hanoi we had 2 days to sell our bikes we had lots of things to do book the Ha Long Bay cruise which is an the amazing cruise which we had to book so we booked that. In Hanoi, we didn’t book any tour we visited everything ourselves like Old Quarter Giang Coffee, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature the Hanoi Train Street and many such places we visited in these 2 days bike and all we sold and headed towards Ha Long Bay cruise which is an amazing place you will enjoy definitely as we thought to book a cruise for 2 days like 3days and 2 nights we booked for around we paid $120 for the whole 3 days trip 2nights cruise where the first day they take you to the cruise where there’s a party and all the next day they leave you at a resort which is far in the middle of the sea they dropped you at a resort at a small island where you can enjoy some bonfire and all and yeah in Hanoi we got to face 2 seasons as on our first day, it was really hot but the next day when we got out it became so cold that even inside the jacket we wore many layers it was freezing cold coffee we drank the whole day including rain when we were visiting the places and yeah this was Hanoi what to say guys its really amazing the cruise 2 days for us was just got over without us even knowing and if you have not yet watched the vlogs go watch them as everything that I did there everything is included in the vlogs if you liked it this whole video in a budget everything that can be I told you guys so yeah that was the whole video if you liked this video like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel as many other journeys are going to start this is really sad that the Vietnam trip is over but yeah there’s more to explore in the world