Today we will make Rose Modak Rose modak can be made within 5 minutes without use of gas It is very easy to make Even kids can also make so you make this modak during Ganesh Chaturthi Lets start making Rose modak INGREDIENTS : DESICCATED COCONUT POWDER – 1 CUP CONDENSED MILK – 4 TBSP I have used homemade condensed milk you can also use readymade ROSE ESSENCE – 3-4 DROPS PINK FOOD COLOUR – 1/4 TSP Lets start making Rose modak It can be made within 5 minutes and will make without use of gas Add pink food colour in coconut powder addn drops of rose essence It gives nice fragrance and also add good taste add condensed milk add 3 tbsp first mix with help of fing mix properly it is mixed now with proper binding if you feel little dry then add more condensed milk I have added 3 tbsp of condensed milk you can see 1 tbsp of condensed milk is left use modak mould grease with ghee so that it can be unmould easily fill mixture in mould you can find condensed milk recipe in description below if you wish you can make at home press from bottom so that it form good shape if required add more and press now unmould take out modak from mould remove extra mixture on joint area put it in a plate prepare rest of modaks in same way you can buy modak mould easily in market or online kids can also make this because it not required burning gas it is instant recipe kids will love to make this Rose modaks are ready for Ganesh Chaturthi you sure try this at your home share your experience with me in comment below