Hello everyone myself Beena welcome to my channel tangy kitchen Today we will make coconut Burfi Which is ready only in 10 minutes Very tasty in taste You surely try it at home COCONUT POWDER- 1 CUP MAVA – 1 CUP POWDER SUGAR – 3/4 CUP GHEE – 1 TSP CARDAMUM POWDER- 1/2 TSP PINCH OF YELLOW FOOD COLOUR Lrt’s start making burfi Put a pan on gas with low flame Add coconut powder Roast for 2 minutes Keep the flame slow Coconut is roasted now Turn off gas Take out into plate Put same pan on gas Add mavaand keep the flame slow Roast till ghee is seprate from mava You can see ghee is seprate from mava Powder sugar and mix well Add pinch of yellow food colour Add cardamum powder Add ghee Add roasted coconut powder Mix well Mixure is seprate from pan Turn off gas Take out into a tin Take a greeced mold or tin Put butter papper in it Add mixure in it Spread it with flat spoon Keep it for cool down Burfi is cool down Unmold it into plate Cut it with knife in square shape Burfi is ready to serve Burfi serve intoa serving plate Very quick recipe You surely try it at home Give me feedback in comment If you like my video than give LIKE and SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming videos Will you meet again THANK YOU and BYE