Hello Friends you’re welcome in another mouth watering session from LetsCookEat Our today’s recipe is Dahi vada which is the most popular Indian snacks and is the festival favorite too But yes for the perfect plate of Dahi Vada you have to get the recipe right. So be with me and I’ll show you how to make it… For making Dahi vada … we need Urad or Split Black Gram arround 250 gms to which i have washed and soaked it in water for arround 3- 4 Hrs Now I have drained out the water completely, we will grind this coarsely without or with very less water Curd – 1 Kg Few green chilies and Ginger , we will grind this along with our dal Cooking oil Salt asafoetida Cumin seeds Now We will grind the dal, for that i have taken half dal in the Jar. Don’t feel it completely otherwise it wont grind properly. we don’t have to add water in it The grinded mixture is ready. I have grinded it coarsely Now add salt in it and after that we will blend it with hand for 8 – 10 minutes we have to blend it very well for 8 – 10 minutes by doing this the Dahi Vada will be soft I have blended the mixture well for 5 minutes … now we will check it wether it is ready or not for checking it i will take small portion of it and will drop in a bowl of water Now you can see that the mixture is floating in the water… This means that the mixture is ready We’ll take water in a big bowl, to which we will add the tadka of asafoetida and Cumin seeds After frying the vadas we will drop them in this water , this process will make the vada more soft I have taken a small pan in which I have added 1 Table spoon Oil … once it get heated then add asafoetida and cumin seeds This will give a great flavour Now after sauteing the cumin seeds & asafoetida we will add it to water For frying the Vadas , I have taken Oil in apan… Once the oil get heated then we will fry the vadas we will check wether the oil is ready or not, for that we will drop small portion of the mixture in if the mixture starts floating that means the oil is ready oil is ready, now lower the flame and will start frying the vadas The shape and size of the vadas you can adjust it as per your choice Flame would be low and we will cook it until it becomes golden brown by flipping regularly Flip it very gently so that it get cook evenly from all the sides The color of the Vada’s came very good . Now we will take it out and will drop them in the water with asafoetida & Cumin seeds we will keep it in water for atleast 15 minutes similarly we will prepare the remaining vada’s also Now we will ready the curd for our Dahi Vada …. add salt and little sugar now mix it very well Take Vada out from the water squeeze it to take out all the water and then drop it in curd now mix the vada’s well with the Curd Dahi Vada is ready to be served now we will plate it Now we will plate the Dahi Vada to this we will add green Chutney in it … FOR THE GREEN CHUTNEY RECIPE YOU CAN CHECK THE DESCRIPTION BOX Add sweet Tamarind Chutney ..you can Check the recipe Link in our description Box Roasted cumin Powder Pinch of Chaat masala Rock salt – 1 Pinch Pinch of red chili Powder The plating of Dahi Vada has been done. Now it is ready to be served Well the delicious Dahi vada is ready to be served , do try at home, Leave your comment below and don,t forget to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE We’ll be back soon with another mouth watering recipe till then keep watching and enjoy cooking