HELLO , My brother Saad didnt show up to the airport called him many ties looks like he overslept so i came , and took the boarding , i might be traveling alone 1.5 hours left for the takeoff and no trace of him why didnt he put an alarm i called him like a thousand times 45 minutes left for the take off where were you you must be kidding me i did arrive i must document this i called you a hundred times since its your channel i wont say a thing look how many times i called you so if i didnt answer you would go alone ? i called you one hundred times literally so supposedly i overslept , would you leave me and go ?? yes the duration of flight from Dubai to Baku is 2 hours and 50 minutes got out of the airport and the process was very easy and fast they have nice airport and clean its hot here this is the bed which one would you choose this one why dont want infront of the ac ok ill take that the bathroom is small we are staying at park inn by radisson 3 nights for 1200 saudi riyals give me a like till i wake up good morning from Azerbaijan and specifically from Baku the capital since its our first day we will discover some places here in baku Saad and I came here without any plans to Azerbaijan our plan was somewhere else we discovered that its a muslim country 80% of the population are Muslims , i didnt know that they speak almost the same language of Turkey after all Azerbaijanis and Turkey people descended from Turks first stop is on Nizami street its like Tahlia street of Riyadh but in baku and Shiekh Zaid street of Dubai but in Baku wanna eat im hungry the small stall behind me serve a local food a bread made Azerbaijani dish whats this has meat in it bread and inside is meat lets fold it 123 very good not amazing , just good im starving thats why maybe its called qutab it is very delicious costs 2 Riyals singing turkey Nizami street at night is even better and in day time is good as well but at night its different story Nizami street stretches at 3 KM with lots of shops restaurants and cafes its named after an Iranian poet Persian not Irani , there is a difference this street is named after a famous PERSIAN poet when you see these patterns on the street you know you are at Nizami street this statue behind me has a story a girl loved a guy who left and told her to wait ill come back she waited and waited but he didnt show up she stayed for days and days until she turned into a statue FYI its a myth not real story no human turns into statue for your information Saad says the most famous thing about Azerbaijan is the eggplant (sounds like azerbaijan in arabic) there food is similar to turkey food , BBQ , Doners im the one who gave you this info and donor i knew from before i was just nodding along with you they are famous for their tea just like turkey there are egg plants in the tea as well they are famous for their tea just like turkey you know whats the story behind this statue ? this guy waited for his lover who left bit never came back and he turned into a horse whats the story of this one Saad her lover was waiting for her but ….she left i bought Osmo Pocket new camera lets test it lets test the recording you whats the story behind these balls he was waiting for his lover , she left him , he became balls if you liked this vlog in Baku please subscribe to my channel and share the video with your friends push the like button and ill see you later in baku , good bye things i dont want you to see continue please saad says Simit sarai is the best restaurant in the world no i dont even like it you did say so you are so annoying saad im far away from you im testing with short vlogs , tell me would you like short vlogs subscribe to the channel please