good morning , today me and my brother will go to a place recognized from UNESCO as a world heritage site here in Azerbaijan its 85 KM from Baku it’s a historical place has drawings dated back to 10 to 0 thousand years old telling a story of people who used to live there thousands of years ago our stop was at a place called gobustan 20 thousands years ago the stone man used to live here in these mountains behind me and left their drawings on the walls of the mountains the people back then used to live in tents like these this is the chief of the tribe at this place the fire use will not cool down for hundreds of years , people used to gather around the fire and the children used to play here around the fire in cold nights this is a replica of the old village first we visited the Gobustan museum to look at the antique pieces they found in that area and what scientists have to say about them dance mujahid this is a special type of stone used to generate music back in the day the sound here is different than the sound there it has air inside it , different places has different quantities of air and that’s why it generates different types of sound the drawings they used to make do you think it has meaning or just for fun its difficult to say weather they want to tell their story to the next generations i don’t think so , do we care to tell our story to coming generations yes, im making this vlog , so if after one hundred year you used youtube , you can know my story maybe they just wanted to draw as a hobby like what people do now days the make paintings for people who can taste the art this is a desert place but they found lots of paintings 20 thousands years ago , they have painted dears and animals which don’t survive in deserts so this place might be a forest back then and it turned to a desert now even they found paintings for dolphins and fish also there was water close by the area nearby was covered in water now the water has drawn back where ? look the water has drawn back all the way there all this area was water the old human beings learned how to paint , to tell their story to coming generations they used to make these holes for rain water to collect so they can use it when i saw these paintings i had some strange feelings inside me one day we will be gone and the paintings we drew in life will remain things i dont want you to see the old human learned …. what do you mean he learned they didnt have anything to do, they started to scramble on the walls and you are saying they learned man ill hit you let me say what i want to say the old human ….. man ill show you get lost what do you want they have painted the same things over and over they have translated the meaning of the paintings why to repeat the same things again man nothing satisfies you , let me talk a bit look man this one has a raised trunk not like the ones we have back home , they are glued to the walls maybe he learned so he would teach the coming generations ! you would like this video , and the Rwanda playlist