we are back with a new video today we are doing… we’ll do something that everyone’s trying these days which is chick fil-A & Popeyes how do you pronounce that? puppies are dogs honestly we’ve never tried it before this will be the first time we try it because we heard a lot about it some people say it’s their best fast food resturant Idk, for me I know and like chick fil-A. It’s so yummy I really like it. -Me too Idk popeyes, let’s try it & see maybe we’ll get addicted to it is there any in Saudi? there is in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 3 branches of popes Idk about the other cities. I only looked up in Riyadh which is there they had it before us? Idk which one was built first now we’ll go there and order to try okay i know you just started school, let me know how is it also tell us are you in college or school, so we can … Idk who’s wejdan is waving to our neighbors no listen i have an idea if you are in college comment 1 and if you’re in school comment 2 and I’ll … idk. – Statistics? -yea to see what we have the most wejdan just told me to ask you what’s your best fast food restaurant? comment down below of course it’s gonna be shake shack I think people are done with it no they have.. no it’s not them people now prefer cafes not restaurants cafes? true I’m craving coffee honestly I’m craving coffee now coffee? yea coffee I haven’t had lunch yet, I’m waiting to get it in this video no me, I had lunch I had because my mood changes if I don’t i get mad when I’m hungry. – yea, please never be hungry I know people are 2 types when they are hungry whether they get mad, or feel sleepy feel sleepy? Deema’s like that, & you get angry & I feel cold when i’m hungry yea it’s because… there’s nothing for my body to burn that’s why I feel cold what’s it called? fire distinguisher?