Today, the episode will be different In the past, Abdulrahman, Ameen, and Basil tried different types of meat and compared them The lower priced steak, and the high end one One of the best steaks in the world Gold leaf steak We saw the difference in the marbleing It’s not a game The challenge will not be in the comparison, we’ll bring one kind of steak But we’ll compare in the best method for cooking the steak Using modern methods only Phillips provided all the equipment in this video We prepared five ways to cook the steak One of the main factors to success the kind of meat Wow What a beautiful cut Wagyu It’s also Picanha Which is a cut that has a good amount of fat in the side It’s famous in the Brazil Five identical pieces, and we’ll cook them in different ways And then we’ll taste And the longest cooking time out of the five, is 15 minutes One more thing, There’s one thing in common between all of these cooking methods which is that we’re hungry The meat has to be of a high quality so you can enjoy the simplest way your foundation has to be right the meat we’re using, as so many of you are asking, is from a butcher place called Chopped Luxurious butchery that has different kinds of meats Let’s get right into it Another thing, pre heat, don’t put your steak on warm heat The first method will be a normal countertop electric grill this area over here is like a normal pan we’ll cook it in butter, and will season with salt and pepper, and fresh rosemary the second method is grilled, over here we have the grill marks it’s a grill so the fat will melt down we’ll add butter to this pan, and this one we won’t And this wonderful invention, must be the fastest way to cook a steak How do we do it? Open and then close Just like a sandwich, instead of putting it here 3 minutes on each side we’ll lay it down and close it This is for to control the quality to see the temperature of the steak and see if it reached the desirable temp The last two method, we’ll use the thermometer If a person loves their steak well done or medium done, just so we don’t hurt steak lovers’ feelings they cook their steak on a pan then put it in the oven but more wonderful than that we’ll put one on the pan and then in the oven and my favorite method is reverse sear, cook it in the oven for a bit and then on the pan we talked a lot, let’s do it let’s start with this one this is the air fryer, right? Do you hear anything? No we can’t hear anything I have the older version at home, and I love it I came here and told them to turn it on, and it was works in silence the first piece of steak ready In it goes 10 minutes in low heat, 150 degrees the other piece a bit of olive oil over here Why olive oil and not butter? no problem, give me some butter 1 minute The smell of butter Look flip it Awesome so it’s going to be cooked there yeah, we just want a sear on the top the reverse sear, it’ll be cooked first and then sear the top why? because it looks nicer, and the crust is much better the eye eats first Okay.. and now let’s do the normal steaks okay? If you miscalculated we’ll eat charcoal Now, this is my jam One here and here, and we’ll do this at the end let’s have the biggest piece in here the one in the middle put some olive oil please You’d be mistaken if you sat with us and mentioned calories Timers, guys 2:30 It has been three minutes right? restaurant quality simple equipment and quality meat and good quality you can’t find this steak anywhere you’ll taste the difference we will taste, but we’ll tell you about it 3 minutes Let’s do this how long do you think it’ll take? How long? I don’t know, we’ll use the thermometer put some butter cook a healthy one, and another drowned with butter Okay, give me more? Yeah! This is the first one, with butter take a look, my friends this is the steak that we didn’t sear, see how it looks? now, sear it, and get a good grill on it if you want a proper steak, here that one is ready? yeah just render the fat wow this machine isn’t a joke it’s cooked 2 and a half minutes, I mean, look! we sure waste a lot of time it’s cooked it cooked it right, and the fat has a place to drip to good music I’m hearing lots of music see? the same piece of meat but different looks See that, guys? that’s the juices the one with the butter and olive oil that’s why and the other one is with the air fryer Take this with less than 15 minutes we cooked 5 steaks there you go if you had to choose one based on looks, which one would you choose? this one looks darker that’s the beauty of the reverse sear it increases the steak’s temp, and then you can go and sear it for a bit we’ll try them all this one is the one we seared and then we put it in the air fryer I think from someone who watched a lot of cooking shows this is the common used method in the Middle Eastern cooking shows and I think it’s a poor method the last one is the health grill it’s well done it cooked way too fast 2 and a half minutes, it’s that long, I looked at the temp and said I’ll give it time the tempt went over 160, it’s fast faster than a sandwich let’s start with the first one I’ll eat with my hands, honestly It’s fatty don’t put butter with Wagyu cut grill it normally let’s taste the second one grilled, and the fat dripped down I liked this one better than the first Me, too I liked it, too Taste the third Let me show something you can see the gradual colors in the other steaks Here, the surface color is the same, and the middle is one color Looks like stuffing; sear and then it’s pink on the middle when you take the steak, make sure you dip in its juices remove your hand What are you talking about? Excellent feels like the bite melts in your mouth You’re taking a breath and it’s taking a breath as well the texture of the meat itself Next Which one Call me crazy, but their flavors are different Yeah, correct this one is a bit dry This invention, I think Philips made this for sandwiches Why did we cook a steak in it, I don’t know why It should’ve been there for less time It’s good but needs less time, yeah If you’re in a hurry and need a steak now, all you have to do is in a minute and a half Just pre heat it to high temp Put in for one minute and that’s it Makes the best steak The only steak we’ve finished all its pieces is this As you saw, the steak wasn’t that good I swear the Wagyu is still good even when it’s cooked bad Lots of methods of cooking a steak People think it’s hard, there it’s simple Simple equipment and that’s it We didn’t even stand up That was the goal We cooked five steaks while sitting down I liked the idea While we’re talking, we can cook and have dinner I liked it, too and we can even try other methods with different equipment Bring in a meat blend and make some burgers in it Bring different parts of beef and see which ones make the best burger comment below if you liked the idea Because we love you and appreciate you, and we could never forget about you we’ll clean up and we have gifts for you All of these equipment is from Philips 10 things of different usage That’s an iron Blender This makes pasta How do I participate To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow us on Instagram Over there, we’ll annouce the giveaway In the end, With that, we’ve reached the end of the video Hope you liked it, and if you did don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn on the notification button And share the video everywhere and join the giveaway Guys, subscribe, we’re doing a video for 3 million subscribers It’s amazing, for the 3 million You’ll see something else entirely You deserve it, I subscribed, I swear That’s good – Are you subscribed to me? – Yeah – Let me see. – I turned on the notification See you in the next episode Abdulrahman was with you And Ameer And Basil From Lift and Cheat channel