WE CAN SAY THAT THE BEST THING IN AZERBAIJAN IS THEIR FOOD WE ASKED A LOT OF GUYS FOR THE BEST PLACE IN DOWN TOWN since we were staying here many said this place is the best since we came to azerbaijan we shouldt try what ? azerbaijan food this is number 6 best place in baku on tripadvisor the azar cafe this is it we asked the waiter about the best dishes they have he adviced plov : the rice cake dolma , grape leaf with meat bbq its grape leaf with meat inside great idea , will take it with the yogurt great idea how come we Saudis never thought of it meat with grape leave it tastes so good what do you think its good , lets take another bite you cant judge with one bite their meat is so good sooo good amazing , i’m not exaggerating honestly saad who doesnt like anything , what do you think delicious right if saad said its good then its definitely good he is dizzy from the taste its been said that the Azerbaijan BBQ is famous for their tender meat that’s why we asked for some BBQ lets try lets see what saad say about the BBQ this bite looks so good serious ? good ? its obvious that the meat is so fresh is this potato how soft isnt the ribs extra long ?? we are getting full but we have one dish to try im afraid its going to be big dish the waiter warned us the dish is bigger than the head of the waiter man and we are full; ya challlaaaaam rice cake in the oven Who will eat this ? you are the one who asked for it in the picture it was small this is the one we saw at the menu with the meat yes saad is saying he can finish it all alone its so big the plate is bigger than the waiter’s head try and tell me its hot good ? really good looks like plane rice with no flavours saad who doesnt like anything is saying its good then ill try with the meat hot very good i dont know why its wrapped in the bread so it will hold the rice in the oven so hot my mouth is burned very good i didnt expect it to be as good ( Sweating from the pain ) we learned something here the portions are big , this costs 30 riyals but its so big i thought we were in riyadh they bring small 2 pieces of meat for 60 riyals you cant get even full , with loads of rice here the prices are good with good portions the plove was good , the dolma was good and the bbq was good whats that saad this is Eggplant in Azerbaijan bad joke, such bad joke how was it the egg plant apricot with raisins and lots of nuts very good how was the food very good but the quantity was so much usually we ask for less they were 2 main courses only by the way it was so much it costs us 200 riyals but our food was too much not for 2 persons this is the statue of Nizami , after who the street was named watch the entire playlist of KENYA you will like it